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Relax. Nurture. Heal.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung


Healing Services and Packages

*for private & corporate events or high needs mobile INQUIRIES please call or Email me*

Therapeutic Touch Sessions:

40 Minute Donation-Based Option

Or 60 Minute & 90 Minute Sessions

Herbal & CBD Infused Healing Sessions:

30 Minute Donation-Based Option

Or 60 Minute & 90 Minute Sessions

Light & Intuitive Touch Healing Sessions:

45 Minute Donation-Based Option

Or 70 Minute Focused Light-Touch Healing Sessions

Or 90 Minute Integrated Light & Therapeutic Touch Healing & Massage Sessions Complimentary Vibrational Therapy & CBD Salve May Be Added

Lymphatic Support:

70 Minute Feather-Light Drainage Technique & Toxin Release

Pre-Natal Care & Therapeutic Support:

60 Minute Swedish-Style Therapeutic Touch Sessions Performed Side-Lying W/ Cushioned Support After First Trimester Has Passed

Remote Healing, Blessing & Clearing:

Ranges Between 20 Minute & 60 Minute Sessions Via Facetime, Zoom Or Phone Call Based On Client Needs $1/Minute W/ 60 Minute Max

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 About cbd-infused Massage Therapy

Experience deep non-psychoactive relief with local-crafted essential oil, dried herbal & hemp-infused CBD salves combined with intuitive touch, deep tissue technique, and lymphatic system knowledge. This practice can help the body release waste, limiting tension & allow for improved circulation & healing to revitalize the body. Great for those suffering with chronic pain, healing from trauma, various inflammatory responses & craving cellular-level Rest & Reset or Parasympathetic Response aide.


A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.

- Maryann Williamson

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